Legacy of the Crystal Shard

A letter penned by Bazdrak for his superiors at Mithril Hall

Bazdrak letter

By Clangeddin’s grace, I have reached Bryn Shander, but not before getting a chance to battle against the local menaces known as “yetis”.  These seems quite bold – attacking our caravan as it entered the gate of Bryn Shander.  Some of the beasts scaled the walls of the settlement while others harassed the rear of the caravan.  It is difficult to say whether the assault had a defined motive.  I hope to learn more by discussing the event with locals in the coming days.

 I should note here the skill and bravery demonstrated by my fellow caravan guards.  Halan is an Elf and extremely deadly with bow and arrow.  Just when I thought the yetis might overwhelm my position, his missiles found their marks and repelled the monsters or slew them outright.  Also among the guard was a haughty Elf by the name of Aedelmar.  He is trained in wizardry and was also able to kill several yetis with fiery arrows that sprang from his hand.  Also a manipulator of fire is the human named Hiram.  He is a man of the cloth and capable of divine healing, but his use of flame in this battle particularly aided in the victory.

 One of these yetis had cornered a local man named Rierdon.  It was slain before the man was harmed, but he expressed anger that he had paid a man named “Slim” a pretty sum of gold to serve as a bodyguard, but when the yetis came, Slim was nowhere to be found.  Rierdon seems to be an honest man and he serves as the town’s apothecary.  For helping him escape the yetis, he has offered us discounts at his shop, which is more than generous.  I aim to locate Slim and inquire as to the terms of the contract with Rierdon and to determine where the difference of interpretation stems from.  I am sure this can be settled amicably and in a way that is fair to both parties.

 In our travels about the town, we encountered a barbarian tied out at a stake without the warmth of a fire or even warm clothing.  In asking some questions, we found his name was Hengar.  He’d been sentenced to die for stealing from a townsperson.  It was a difficult situation.  On one hand, the punishment seemed harsh and unnecessarily drawn out.  It seemed that Hengar’s status as a Reghed Barbarian may have not only led to the harsh penalty but may also have taken away any right to a fair trial.  We leveraged our good will with the Sheriff to gain audience with him and the Speaker, Duvessa Shane.  We sought only to make sure Hengar was fairly sentenced, but after questioning the aggrieved party, learned that the story did not hold water.  The speaker proved wise indeed, letting Hengar free, but he would have to leave town immediately.  We agreed and spoke to Hengar of his tribe (The Elk Tribe).  He had come to Bryn Shander of his own volition in the first place to seek help for his tribe.  They have been set upon by beasts and premature foul weather.  He thought that perhaps after saving him, we might be interested in assisting his tribe.  For my part, I thought there may be a connection between the yeti attack on Bryn Shander and whatever was causing the aggressive behavior of the beasts neat the Elk Tribe, so I agreed to help, but there were some things we still needed to attend to before departing.

 Hiram, the cleric of Selune, had traveled all this way to deliver an item of some importance to his faith to a man in Bryn Shander.  Aedelmar and I accompanied him.  The exchange went well enough, though both Hiram and Aedelmar were perhaps too curious and began pressing Dunavan for answers about the mysterious item.  He said it was actually intended for another person named Aarun.  Aarun was not present, but had been checking on the delivery frequently up until two days before.  To my surprise, Aedelmar attempted to trick Dunavan’s mind by magic in order to convince him to show us the contents of the crate.  Dunavan resisted and did not seem terribly angered by this uncalled for act.  I must commend him for his restraint.  I shall also have to advise these elves not to act so impulsively and that things could have gone much worse if Dunavan had mind to take offense!

 With all of these events afoot in Bryn Shander, I am still mindful of my mission.  On the caravan up here, I have befriended Helda Silverstream.  Her Uncle is none other than Stokley Silverstream!  She says she will do what she can to get me audience with Lord Silverstream.  I hope he is as friendly as his niece, but he is a Dwarf of great importance, so I will measure my words carefully and not go before him without planning my actions ahead of time.  I will send a report to Mithril Hall once again after meeting with Lord Silverstream.

Icewind Dale and Bryn Shander in particular are not quite dull.  These folk seem to live rich lives and the very first of the Ten Towns is bustling with activity.   There is much work for those able bodied and able-minded enough to get involved.  Danger is only a short distance away, it seems.  While these sturdy people have dealt with it before and still flourished, it feels as though there is room for help from the outside.  If it pleases the Lords of Mithril Hall, I will tarry here for a time and see what can be done about some of the above-mentioned issues at hand.  And if business back home calls for my return, just send word to Bryn Shander.

 Sincerely and with Valor,

 Initiate at Arms – Bazdrak Doooldwin

 Post Script:  There seems to be a great distrust between the people of Bryn Shander and the so-called barbarian tribes as well as between the barbarian tribes themselves.  I wonder what can be done to improve these relations.  It is promising that Hengar was sent to Bryn Shander to seek aid, but not a good sign how easily he was imprisoned and sentenced to death.

 My hope is that I can aid in the forging of an alliance between these cultures…and if the Dwarves loyal to Lord Stokely Silverstream can be a part of it, then that is optimal.


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