Legacy of the Crystal Shard

Session one - Yetis at the gate

Session date: February 26
Game date: Eleint 25

This and all DM recaps in the future will touch only on the facts of the session. Any and all embellishment will be done in the player recaps.

Beorne and his caravan arrive at Bryn Shander three days later than expected. Heavy snows and blowing winds had delayed progress.
As the wagon train arrived at Bryn Shander a wave of Yetis attacked. Three beasts assaulted the gates, a fourth yeti climbed the wall.

Aedelmar, Bazdrak, Halan and Hiram fought along side the city guards and kept the beasts from entering the city.

Just as the last of the young yeti are put down, a much larger yeti attacks, followed by yet a third wave. In the end, the assault is repelled and little damage is done.

Sheriff Markham greets the party and thanks them for what they have done. He recommends they see the speaker, Duvessa Shane. She may want to extend her thanks as well.

Just inside the main gate is the Apothecary’s shop. Rierdon, the apothecary, was attacked by one of the yeti during the conflict, but was saved by the PC’s. Later, Rierdon relates his tale of woe to Bazdrak about having paid a large sum of gold (150) to a a thug named Slim. Slim promised to protect the shop but was nowhere to be found during the yeti attack. Because of the PC’s actions they are given discounted prices. It is discovered that Slim and his men are bilking other shop owners as well.

Helda, the dwarven merchant who traveled along with the caravan, tells Bazdrak she needs a few days to unload her merchandise and prepare for the trip to the dwarven valley. She will be staying at Kelvin’s Comfort and can be found there if Brazdrak wants to travel with her.

Hiram is anxious to deliver the crate he has been protecting. The party travels toward eastgate to locate the merchant. Finding Dunavan is not difficult. The merchant accepts the delivery but says it was really meant for another man named Aarun. Aarun had been checking on the arrival of the crate for the past few days but, mysteriously, he is absent today. Dunavan tells the party that Aarun had been staying at the Northlook inn.

As they traveled to see Dunavan, the party comes across a Reghed Barbarian named Hengar. The northman is strung up on a thick pole driven into the ground at the center of the market square. Hengar has been sentenced to death by exposure for stealing from the local seamstress, Brinna. She claims he stole her lockbox but Hengar maintains his innocence. The party seeks out the sheriff at city hall and finds him in conference with the speaker Duvessa Shane. After a short faux trial, something Hengar was denied before his initial sentencing, Brinna’s changing story and weak facts convince Duvessa to allow Hengar to go free, but he must immediately be escorted out of the city. Hengar pleads with the PC’s to travel with him to the Elk Tribe encampment.

Before the party leaves city hall, they see a man enter. Vaelish is greeted by Duvessa and the two begin to talk as the characters are excused.

Having freed Hengar, but not yet ready to commit to any actions, the party makes their way to Kelvin’s comfort where they meet up with Beorne for all manner of drink and revelry. Late into the day, just as darkness takes a firm hold on the city, a cry rises above the streets. “Fire…Fire!”


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