Legacy of the Crystal Shard

So it begins

Adventure log information

As the icy hand of winter closes over the dale, one
last caravan struggles over the pass through the Spine
of the World before the snows choke off all connection
to the outside world. Accompanying it is a group of
hardy adventurers who suddenly find themselves in a
land besieged by three foes, each of whom will stop at
nothing to claim dominion over Icewind Dale. Can the
players uncover the villains’ plots before the people of
Icewind Dale are doomed to enslavement and death?
Even if they do, can the heroes hold winter’s fury at bay
long enough to thwart all of their foes, or will they save
Icewind Dale from one evil only to watch it slip into the
hands of another?


Welcome players, to our experimental journey back into the Forgotten Realms.
Please check the wiki for information concerning character choices and advancement.
After each session, you can return to this log to post and or read session recaps that are contributed by yourself and other players. Any player who posts a recap of previous sessions will receive an XP reward. I will accept multiple recaps, especially those that are written in character and that look back on the events of the session through the eyes of your character. Recap XP will be awarded at the next play session. If you expect this reward to give you enough XP to gain a level, make sure you update your character before said adventure.

Thank you for deciding to participate and I hope we can all enjoy a successful campaign from beginning to end.


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