Timeline and Calendar


The Forgotten Realms has a calendar of twelve
months, each thirty days long. Five intercalary
holidays inserted between months bring the
year to 365 days, with one additional festival
day (Shieldmeet) added every four years. The
month of Eleint, when the adventure begins,
is roughly equivalent to September, and the
autumnal equinox occurs on the 21st of that
month. Winter comes early to Icewind Dale,
however, and especially early this year.
After the 30th of Eleint comes the intercalary
holiday of Highharvesttide, a holiday of feasting to
celebrate the autumn harvest—at least in southern
lands. The following month is Marpenoth.
The years of the calendar are reckoned from
the ratification of the Dales Compact, an agreement
between the elves of the great forest of
Cormanthor and the humans who had begun
settling in the valleys among the forest. This
system is called Dalereckoning, and years are
sometimes followed by DR. The current year,
1485 DR, is also called the Year of the Iron
Dwarf ’s Vengeance, according to the ancient
Roll of Years derived from prophecy.


Elient 17, 1485:
Three adventurers meet and accept a quest to eliminate the threat of goblin raiders along the sword coast road. Goblin thug Mizbegotin and his ’ruff boys are eliminated and the stolen supplies and other wares are returned to the caravan master. Grateful, he hires the PCs as guards to protect his wagons during the long trip north toward Icewind Dale. (character creation)

The adventure begins on the 25th of Eleint.

Timeline and Calendar

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