How experience points are awarded

Adventure awards

Experience points will be awarded to each character simply for participating in a session. This number will be determined by the challenges overcome and the XP ratings associated with those challenges. Because we are playing a pre-generated adventure these numbers are set within the game and will depend on what you accomplish during the session.

Role Playing awards

Distribution of role-playing awards can be very arbitrary and difficult to judge. We are all aware that one persons attempt to role-play can be very different, but just as ardent, as another’s. I considered not giving RP awards but I want to encourage the practice, not ignore it. So, I am trying to take the arbitrary aspect out of the decision as much as possible. Role-play XP awards will be a constant value of 5% of the XP needed to attain the next level. Either you get the award or you don’t. At the end of the session I will go around the table and ask each player if they think they deserve the RP award. If they say yes, they get the award.

Recap awards

I encourage each of you to post an individual recap after each session on the Adventure log page. It is best if this is done in an “in character” style. This is your chance to further express your character and his or her interpretations of what has happened so far. Detail your characters feelings about the other PCs and NPCs. Tell us what motivations you have acquired, friendships forged, items purchased, injuries sustained, that sort of thing. Look at it like a journal for your character. Recap XP awards will be a constant value of 3% of the XP needed to attain the next level. Either you get the award or you don’t. Whenever a new session recap is posted I will award the XP bonus to the appropriate PC.

Miscellaneous awards

This area is for any arbitrary XP that is awarded to your character.

*I reserve the right to alter any aspect of the previous statements, especially the XP award amount. I do not yet have a grasp on the leveling speed of this game.

How experience points are awarded

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